Bjarke Levin Madsen


Bjarkes has a background in business and EU policy area, where he has developed skills in dealing with political issues and in drafting well-analyzed communication strategies.

Prior to Ulveman & Børsting, Bjarke worked at the Danish Chamber of Commerce. Driven by the interest in the relation between international policy, strategy and communication, Bjarke worked in the European Parliament as stagiaire for the Social Democratic party under the then group leader Jeppe Kofod. Bjarke also has PR experience from the communication bureau Holm Kommunikation, where he engaged in campaigns tasks, contact to press and digital communication.

Professional background:

Bjarke has a master degree in Political Communication and Management from Copenhagen Business School. In addition to his time in Brussels, Bjarke studied Political Science and Comparative Politics at the University of Wisconsin in the United States.

Contact details:

Direct +45 20 96 06 40

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