Fannie Couderc Pramming


Fannie Couderc Pramming has a special insight in the media machine and can confidently create a good narrative that can convey even the most difficult of messages. 

With several years of experience from various positions at Berlingske, she has a thorough knowledge of how one of Denmark's largest media houses thinks and works. She knows what it takes to create agenda-setting stories, feeling truly at home in a broad media network.  

Moreover, Fannie has board experience from an international NGO, and she is therefore accustomed to working with decision-making processes across countries, as well as having extensive experience in developing and executing strategies for positioning an organization.

Professional background:

Fannie Couderc Pramming carries a degree in journalism from the University of Southern Denmark. She has experience from Berlingske, as a journalist and then later as editor of social media for this media giant. Fannie has also volunteered for more than ten years in a major NGO, where she, as a 14-year-old, was elected chairman of the organisation's Danish youth council.

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