Hans Skovgaard Andersen


Hans Skovgaard Andersen is a former Christiansborg journalist with a strong political understanding and a great deal of experience in disseminating complex and technical reports to the general public. He possesses a keen eye for political and communicative opportunities.

Hans has been twice employed on DR's Christiansborg editor as a political reporter and has subsequently been a political reporter, host and editor Radio24syv. Hans then switched to Berlingske's Christiansborg editorial team, where he has written extensively about the national economy, central administration and agriculture.

Hans' core competencies are in strategic and crisis communication. He also has extensive experience with communication across media platforms, including a well-developed understanding of how social media can be effectively used commercially.

Professional background:

Hans Skovgaard Andersen has a journalist degree from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. In his young years he also completed a full training and practice as a carpenter, though he rarely makes use of it.

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Direct +45 27 26 42 47

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