Marianne Lynghøj Pedersen


Marianne Lynghøj Pedersen has a sharp political eye, she can tell a story in a captivating fashion and she can grasp political and communicative opportunities.

Marianne comes with experiences from the government, European politics and the Danish parliament. Marianne worked for almost two years as Special Advisor: first for the Minister of Education and Research and more recently for the Minister of Development. Prior to that, Marianne spent almost two years at the European Parliament, in the role of office-chief for the office of the Liberal Party’s delegation manager. Before Marianne left for Brussels, she worked in the office of the Liberal Party’s political spokesman at Christiansborg.

In 2018 Marianne was chosen by Berlingske Business as one of the 100 Talents in the Danish business landscape, in the category Communication and Public Affairs.

Professional background:

Marianne Lyngby Pedersen has achieved a master’s degree in political sciences from University of Copenhagen in 2012. Her dissertation was awarded “dissertation of the year” at the Institute of Political Sciences.

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Direct +45 42 48 51 58

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