Nina Brønden Jakobsen


Nina Brønden Jakobsen has a good eye for stories with potential. She works strategically with public relations and has a flair for spotting opportunities in today’s busy media environment. She is familiar in handling communication in crisis situations and working purposefully on reputational enhancing initiatives.

Between 2012 and 2017 Nina has successfully formed a positive agenda for the world market leader Kopenhagen Fur, both in national and international media. With her work as press consultant in the Danish fur industry, Nina has led the implementation of an active PR strategy focused on openness and inclusion towards the public audience. She was in focus in one of the episodes of Anders Agger’s documentary on Danish Broadcasting “Inside”, aired in December 2016.

Professional background:

Nina Brønden Jakobsen has a MD in Communication from Roskilde University. Prior to Ulveman & Børsting, she worked in the agencies Grøn Ejvin Andersen and Kreab Gavin Anderson. In 2015 she was listed in the Top 100 Young Business Talents, ranked by the popular business newspaper Berlingske Business. She grew up travelling around the world with her family and was enrolled in international schools in Botswana and India.

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