Tim Smidemann


Tim Smidemann has extensive experience in handling media and stakeholders from positions at Christiansborg, the financial sector and the confederations branch.
One of Tim’s core competencies is strategic work with communication and stakeholders, especially in crisis situations. Tim is a reliable advisor, who acts proactively and is always a step ahead including all aspects of a communication effort, whether it's an offensive or defensive agenda.

Moreover, Tim has documented experience in helping companies in reaching out and placing their core narrative in a prime spot within the media and placing it before the most relevant stakeholders.

Professional background:

Tim Smidemann carries a degree in Journalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus. He worked as a journalist for JydskeVestkysten, he was chief at the press office in Christiansborg for the Conservative Party, he was press responsible at Danica Pension (one of Scandinavia’s largest pension funds) and he worked as press coordinator and Head of Stakeholder Relation in DI, the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Contact details:

Direct +45 23 48 26 51

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