Top rated in Denmark.

Ulveman & Børsting has been chosen as the best communication bureau in Denmark in 2022 by MyImage Kommunikation conducted by MyResearch. In addition to being chosen as overall best agency, Ulveman & Børsting specifically won in five out of nine subcategories:

  1. Media management
  2. Client satisfaction
  3. Political understanding
  4. Strategic strength
  5. Business understanding

The survey was conducted among 615 corporate representatives with decision-making power and mandate to purchase strategy, analysis, public affairs, and management advice from the 20 agencies represented in the survey. More than 25 percent of Ulveman & Børsting’s customers participated in the survey.

Here are some of the key findings with our customers:

58 per cent of Ulveman & Børsting’s customers are satisfied. 42 percent are very satisfied. None of the customers who participated in the survey has answered ’neither satisfied nor dissatisfied’, ’dissatisfied’, ’very dissatisfied’ or ’don’t know’.

Of all the respondents in the survey who are considering using Ulveman & Børsting, 67 percent answered that in the event their companies should launch a tender for communication assignments will ’definitely’ invite Ulveman & Børsting to a pitch,. 33 percent answered ’probably’. None of the survey respondents answered ’maybe’, ’probably not’ or ’definitely not’.

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