Bodil Porse Nielsen

Office Manager

Bodil is an experienced Office Manager and comes from a similar position at Rud Pedersen. She is responsible for the daily operations and is passionate about creating the best environment for colleagues and customers alike. She takes pride in ensuring that the office always looks inviting and that everyone is greeted with a smile.

Professional background:

Bodil originally graduated in nutrition from Suhr's Seminarium, but after completing her education, she moved first two years to Bahrain followed by five years in Bonn, Germany, in connection with her former partner's secondment. The many years abroad have meant that Bodil is used to interacting with people from different cultures and is good at quickly reading both people and situations. Bodil has extensive experience from the retail sector, where she has worked in several different lifestyle stores before choosing to switch industries.

Contact details:

Direct +45 42 64 29 19

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