Cathrina Dybdahl


Cathrina is an experienced advisor in the field where politics and business meet ends. She has a keen eye for the interaction between society and business and she has experience in influencing the frameworks and agendas that lay the commercial conditions for companies operating in Denmark.

Cathrina has a strong analytical sense and an in-depth understanding of sectors that are heavily regulated by the state.

She has worked extensively with Danish welfare policy for a number of years with a focus on healthcare. Most recently, she has been Nordic Policy Lead in LEO Pharma and before that a number of years in the public sector and in consultancy agency Rud Pedersen director for Public Affairs.

Professional background:

Cathrina Dybdahl holds a master's degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen, followed by specializing courses at Harvard Kennedy School.

Cathrina has been teaching Basic Political Science at the University of Copenhagen and been a course manager on a Public Affairs educational programme for professionals in the healthcare industry.

Contact details:

Direct +45 51 76 72 92

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